Select the benefits of the SecretAngel application

Location service

quickly find nearby services, save your time

Clear classification

quickly count and clearly choose the service that suits you

Online appointment

he appointment service can be made in the APP, no need to call, simple and convenient

Service guarantee

the angels and shops in the APP are professionals, here you can enjoy top-level services


merchants can self-manage stores

Advertising function

businesses can use advertising to increase the appearance rate

Choose plan which fit for you


$100/3 month

10 free places for girls. Download and register now and you can get a free 2 month membership


$20/3 month

Nearby location can increase the frequency of your service


$20/3 month

Having a location nearby increases your service frequency, and a one-click location to the top increases your presence


$20/3 month

Use Nearby Search to find nearby angels and shops, as well as online booking services

Place an order display


(process) : Select female users, order → booking fee payment success → order acceptance → countdown → arrive at location → start receiving service → service completion → end (evaluation)

Order display


(Processing): Accept the appointment → schedule → wait for the arrival of the guest → receive the guest after the guest arrives → start the service → complete the service → end

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